Welcome to Peer Intelligence®

Facilitated by Barb Rehm, Former Editor-in-Chief of American Banker

Peer Intelligence is an online, invitation-only community created exclusively for bank CEOs, CFOs, and presidents. In other words, this is a place for high-level conversation and the site is free to join and free of advertising.

The community has more than 1,300 registered participants and continues to grow. Connecting with other top banking executives to get unique insights has never been easier. Recent conversations have spanned the gamut, from strategies for community banks to compete with “internet” banks to discussions on bank advisory boards, cyber insurance, and more. 

Peer Intelligence also features private webinars and commentary by industry experts. In addition, you can access special, curated content, including articles handpicked for you by Barb Rehm, who summarizes news and insights of potential interest for community participants on a weekly basis.

To request an invitation to join, please contact community@promnetwork.com, call (800) 590-4632, or register directly here.