Welcome to Peer Intelligence®

Facilitated by Barb Rehm, Former Editor-in-Chief of American Banker

Peer Intelligence is an online community that is accessible only to members, and membership is on an invite-only basis. In other words, this is a place for high-level conversation and debate about everything from public policy to the economy to competitive threats facing banking. The site is free to join and free of advertising.

To start, we are inviting bank CEOs, presidents, and CFOs to join. Down the road, we intend to create forums for other executives, such as chief risk officers or chief information officers. And as Peer Intelligence grows, we expect to create subgroups defined by geographies or asset size that will allow bankers to get an even more customized experience.

More than 1,000 bank leaders have contributed to help get this community off the ground. Recent conversations have spanned the gamut from conversations about how banks plan to deploy their tax-reform windfalls or when industry regulatory changes will be felt at the supervision and examination levels to discussions over interest rates, advisory boards, and more.

To request an invitation to join, please contact community@promnetwork.com, call (800) 590-4632, or register directly here.